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Easy Beans:
On the Fifth Floor you can gather beans from all the objects (not statues). I got five per pot/object. Then exit the fifth floor and take the door to your right, (the only other door.) Slide down the ramp and open the door. This will put you on the fourth floor. From her hit the other two pots three times each. Then repeat untill you only get three or fewer beans. Save game and quit. Restart your save game and repeat.

Merit Badge location:
Face Fat Lady painting. Turn around and go straight towards the wall. To your right will be a door. Open the door and turn right. It should be right next to you.

Find secret beans:
Watch where Harrys head moves and flippendo the thing he looks at (generally jars or statues/treasure chests)

Get three new spells:
When on the first floor go through the first door on the right. It will take you around to where the stairs move. Try to open the door at the end closest to the stairs and the handle will fall off. You can then open the door and go inside the small room. In the room you will find three new spell books in a row.

Nimbus 2000:
After you have completed the challenge at the quidditch stadium, you will receive a Nimbus 2000 broomstick. Once you have equipped this you can use it to fly around the hogwarts grounds. Look for the coloured hoops and subsequently fly through them. You will be rewarded with free bertie botts beans. This is a quick and easy (and fun) way to get beans, especially for Neville's mini-games.

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